Kick your own butt

REMEMBER the opening scene in “About Schmidt”– Jack Nicholson seated at his desk on his final working day, staring at the wall clock, counting the seconds to 5 p.m.?

Tick, tock.

That’s not how it happened to me.

It would seem like I couldn’t wait; I left my last job 30 days before I had to, purchased an overpriced plane ticket that took me to the other side of the Pacific, and never looked back.

That’s not all there was to it.

One of these days I may recount the events from that time when the dreaded retirement notice found its way to my work station up till now, when at last I dare eyeball senior citizenship.

More certainly and more immediately, I shall relate my newfound freedoms — from daily commutes, deadlines and periodic rounds of strategic planning — and/or newfound sense of fun, which does not always go with freedom.

Solo at 65, you probably feel, more than rationalize…stuff. You let go of a lot of burden and, if you’re not attentive, acquire just as many new ones. You find most activities that used to make you feel vital no longer work, so you unlearn them and, if you’re lucky, you discover a whole other realm of busy-ness– novel places, sports, meaningful (or not) engagements, relationships, unexpected adventures.

In any case, you find it’s good to take yourself a little (perhaps a lot) less seriously and, as my five-year-old granddaughter puts it, to learn…


Yes, you can.






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