‘Die’ stunning


BEFORE I heard of “Sunday Beauty Queen,” number 1 on my MMFF 2016 must watch was “Die Beautiful.” But, fearful that SBQ, being a documentary, faced the biggest risk of being pulled out of cinemas after two days, that’s what I went for first.

I have since kicked my own butt for that defeatist frame of mind; moviegoers cannot not see how good this docu is.

In any case, I walked into the movie house for Director Jun Lana’s “Die” with great enthusiasm. It was comforting to have a little crowd in there to laugh with, I thought. And laugh we all did at numerous points.

Paolo Ballesteros is the dream-come-true tranny beauty contesera Trisha, alternately pensive and petulant, and constantly tantalizing. All of the movie’s peaks involve his thoughtfully essayed character and the BFF Barbs, played endearingly by Christian Bables.

I must say I loved the colors throughout this movie—of both the outdoors and indoors, costumes and cosmetics—so utterly vivid and gay!

My issue is with the feasibility of the main premise, and I wouldn’t mind having someone give me a talking-to about this. Changing the dead Trisha’s makeup nightly might be easily explained away, but I imagine re-outfitting the corpse a few times presenting some very stiff challenges. Or maybe I shouldn’t be too clinical about this.

Also, “Die” might have benefitted greatly from more vigilant editing that would render the pacing a little more brisk and therefore make the guffaws seem a little less measured. But were the crests enough to cushion the drops? That would probably be a yes, were I to poll my fellow viewers that day, who spilled out of the movie house reciting funny lines and, with utmost relish, calling out to one another, “Bakla!”

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